PEP Club

PEP Club stands for “Promote Enthusiastic Pride.” The PEP Club is a school spirit group at Nitro High School. The advisor is Ms. Chandler, a teacher in the Social Studies department. The club is open to all Nitro students and currently has enrollment of approximately 50 students. However, more students are encouraged to join.

Ms. Chandler organized the PEP Club because she felt a need “to increase school spirit at Nitro High School.” PEP Club is not time consuming. Meetings occur occasionally during anchor blocks to prepare posters, learn chants, or create other spirit items for upcoming events. Students are encouraged to sit together in an effort to make a strong and unified student section that can be seen and heard during school or athletic events.

By joining PEP Club, students can save money over the per game price of matches throughout the year. Each student pays $60, which includes admission to all home (non-playoff) games and a t-shirt. Top Cats receive a reduced rate of $10 for all of the above. Students interested in joining should bring cash or money order to Ms. Chandler.

“The club makes me feel whole, I love being a part of it because it makes the games and school a lot more fun,” – Sam Click.

“Oh, I love it. The best part is having the matching shirts and everyone around you being full of school spirit. It is exciting.” –  Mason Hale

“I am a part of the Nitro High School soccer team and the PEP Club helps show a lot more support at our games and I believe gives us the confidence to the best we can.” – Seth Jordan

We asked the three what advice they had for anyone who has interest in joining the club they said do not be scared, be yourself, and have fun. Mason Hale then added that there is only one rule in PEP Club, “E.L.E which stands for Everybody Love Everybody.”