Teacher & Rookie Teacher of the Year


Teacher of the Year

Joyce Whitten has been named Nitro High School’s “Teacher of the Year” for the 2016-2017 school year. Joyce’s teaching career has spanned 40 years and in that time has only taught at two schools! She began her career at Elkview Junior High (which later became Elkview Middle School). In 2001, Joyce Whitten became a part of the Nitro High School family.

Joyce is one of Nitro High School’s wonderful Special Education teachers. Throughout her whole career, Joyce has taught Special Education and she says she has “loved it!” When asked why she chose this path, Joyce stated, “I chose teaching to help students reach their full potential. To inspire and motivate. To teach them with respect and integrity, which is not always the case when working with Special Education students. And I believe that is so important. But, truly, the students have enhanced my life in more ways than I can say.”

Joyce believes that one of the most rewarding aspects of her job is to know that she has made a positive impact in the lives of her students. She always enjoys and appreciates it when her former students keep in contact with her and share their accomplishments.

Joyce will be retiring from teaching in June and she is excited to start the next chapter in her life. “I have been very fortunate to have worked with such wonderful colleagues and I have been blessed for the special friendships I have made.”-Joyce Whitten

Congratulations Joyce! ☺

Rookie of the Year

Ryne Eich is Nitro High School’s Rookie Teacher of the Year for the 2016-2017 school year! Ryne is a 2008 graduate of Nitro High school, where he says he had several great teachers that helped influence him to be a teacher, many of whom are still here!

After graduating from Nitro, Ryne went to West Virginia University. “When I first started college at West Virginia University, I was unsure what I wanted to do. I have always loved math and have been good at it ever since I was a little kid. Math and Gym class were always my two favorite classes throughout my time as a student. I majored in Mathematics. My junior year I taught Honors 199, the University 101 equivalent for the honors college. At that point, I really decided I wanted to take the Math degree I was getting and become a teacher because I really enjoyed the teaching aspect” (Ryne Eich).

After graduating from WVU with a Mathematics degree, Ryne went to Marshall University and got his Masters in Teaching Degree. Ryne spent his first year of teaching at Andrew Jackson Middle School teaching 8th grade Math, and was also hired as Nitro’s Head Boys Soccer coach that year. Ryne said that he had always wanted to coach soccer from the moment that his soccer player career in high school was over, and teaching was a great avenue to be able to do that.

After Ryne’s first year of teaching, a math position became available here at Nitro and when Mr. Redman called to offer Ryne the job he was extremely excited! He was now back at his alma mater, where he wanted to teach ever since the first day he decided he wanted to become a teacher.

Ryne is now in his second year here at Nitro High School where he continues to coach the soccer team, as well as sponsor Mu Alpha Theta. “Being rookie of the year teacher at Nitro High School really means a lot to me. I love teaching here, it just feels like home. If I could have told myself 9 years ago as I was graduating from Nitro, I would be a teacher, soccer coach to a semi-finalist team, and be named rookie of the year teacher all here at Nitro, I would never have believed that to be possible, but I actually get to live this dream and I feel very blessed for it.”-Ryne Eich

Congratulations Ryne!