4 H


Advisor: Jocelyn Crawford


The Nitro Glycerins 4H Club is new to NHS for the 2014-2015 school year. 4H is all about promoting positive youth development by allowing members to choose the focus of the club. The goals the club sets, the projects the club chooses to do, & activities the club participates in are determined by the members. The current members have chosen to organize a bake sale to raise money for summer 4H camp, and have made Valentine’s Day cards for the residents of Village on Park. There are also many opportunities to earn community service hours. This year, our members have helped organized & run a holiday craft show, and will be helping with a 4H camp overnight for elementary school kids.


A typical club meeting lasts 30-45 minutes. Meetings include, but are not limited to, discussing fundraising ideas, discussing community service opportunities, singing crazy songs, playing games, and always eating snacks. It is absolutely free to be a 4H club member. The Nitro Glycerins meet every other Wednesday in room 207 beginning at 3:00.


Everyone is invited to attend!


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