Advisor: Alison Marshall

DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in high schools and colleges around the globe in various fields of business; including, marketing, finance, hospitality, and management. It does so by integrating ‘real life’ problems or scenarios in the curriculum through projects, role-plays, and interviews. Through completion of these activities, students use learned business principles in an authentic way and gain valuable experience verbally communicating their thoughts and ideas.

To be eligible for DECA membership, students must be enrolled in a business course.

Nitro’s DECA Chapter experienced tremendous success during the 2014-2015 academic year. Below, winners are listed.

West Virginia Career Development Conference
Charleston Marriott March 9-10 2015

Qualified to compete at the International Career Development Conference in Orlando, FL April 24-29

1st Place
Principles of Business Administration: Katelin Evans
Principles of Hospitality: Dakotah Shamblin
Restaurant and Food Service: Sergio Lugo
Travel and Tourism Team Decision Making: Savannah Hunter and Claire Hemme

2nd Place
Apparel and Accessories Marketing: Kourtnie Farmer
Entrepreneurship Participating Business Plan: Cassie Stewart
Entrepreneurship Innovation Plan: Sydney Coll
Hotel and Lodging: Sydney Toms
Retail Merchandising: Savannah White
Sports and Entertainment: Cobey Garbin
Market Management: Alauna Moss

3rd Place

Business Services Marketing: Grant McVicker
Principles of Marketing: Lexi Zain
Advertising Campaign: Allison Frazier


International Career Development Conference
Atlanta, GA May 1-3, 2014
International Top 10 Finalist
Entrepreneurship Innovation Plan – Cassie Stewart


University of Charleston Business Ethics Competition
October 17, 2013
Press Release (link to press release)

1st Place – won $1000 for Nitro DECA
Lauren Carey
Alyce Crist
Abigail Cadle
Taylor Caruthers

2nd Place – won $750 for Nitro DECA
Josiah Bosley
Kris Witters
Ty McIntyre
Lindsey Klemm

3rd Place – won $500 for Nitro DECA
Cassie Stewart
Kiara Cline
Grant McVicker

Students interested in learning more about Nitro DECA should see Mrs. Marshall in room 106A. For more information on DECA, or resources to help prepare students for competitive events, please visit


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