Mu Alpha Theta

Mu Alpha Theta (MATh) is a National High School Honor Society providing a way for recognizing and encouraging those students who excel in mathematics.



  • Students must have completed all mathematics courses through Algebra II or Math II
  • Students are expected to enroll in honors mathematics courses
  • Students shall maintain a mathematics weighted GPA of 3.5
  • Students overall unweighted GPA should be that of 3.0

Sponsor: Ryne Eich

Mu Alpha Theta Members

  • Hannah Adams
  • Lacie Fogarty
  • Bayleigh Meadows
  • Karleigh Meadows
  • Preeya Modi
  • Emily Moore
  • Briana Parsons
  • Carrie Jo Rader
  • Isaac Rainey
  • Brookann Simmons
  • Abby Thomas
  • Bennett Tissenbaum
  • Allison Tucker
  • Taylor Wagner
  • Paige Watson


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