Show Choir 

The Nitro Showcats was established in 1998 under the direction of Amy Smith. They are the 2015-2016 Small Mixed Division State Champions, and are an audition-based vocal music ensemble that competes throughout the school year. These students spend a daily class period as well as out of school practices learning a seventeen minute compeition show. The members of the Nitro Showcats learn to produce quality shows that inspire creativity, excellent workmanship, and a sense of all around pride in themselves as well as their school. This year’s show:


Student Dance Captains: Louisa Smith, Haylee Magann, Caden Hilbert, Braden Hamm

Soloists: Haylee Magann, Ally Levengood, John Brumley, Louisa Smith, Tabitha White, Caden Hilbert

Showcats Cast:

Maquayla Booker Kiara Cline Caden Hilbert Chelyan Smith
Zach Bowling Tre’Leice Coleman Morgan Holstein Louisa Smith
Tristan Bowyer Kara Conrad Katie James Owen Smith
Mackenzie Bright Parker Fleck Ally Levengood Caitlyn Stephens
John Brumley Robbie Garbin Haylee Magann Josh Taylor
Miranda Butler Angel Graham Christian McCormick Jenna Toms
Nathan Cain Braden Hamm Elora Shinn Kelsie Wentz
Shawn Childers Abbigail Harless Gavyn Siebanoller Tabitha White
Show Band: Show Crew:
Rachel Fisher Aaron Fuller
John Harman Tessa Musgrave
Elizabeth Harvey Hayley Hagerman
Ben Jackson Allie Jackson
Corey Leist Mackenzie Phalin
Sara Petrea Jenna Shaffer
Chris Wasson

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