Notice of Non Discrimination Based on Disability


Kanawha County Schools does not tolerate acts of harassment, including harassment based on disability.  Kanawha County Schools is committed to conducting a prompt investigation of allegations of harassment and encourages any individual who believes he or she has been subjected to harassment or a hostile environment based on disability to report these allegations to the District.

Individuals may report allegations of harassment and/or discrimination based on disability to:

Dr. James Mullins, 504 Coordinator of Kanawha County Schools  at 304-348-7740.

Any individual found to have engaged in harassment or other acts that create a hostile environment based on disability will be subject to prompt disciplinary action, which may include, if circumstances warrant, suspension, expulsion or termination.

Kanawha County Schools encourages all students, parents, teacher, administrators and staff to work together to prevent harassment of any kind.


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